Joseph, “An Unsung Hero”

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As we enter the week when Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus, I believe the Christmas story offers us an interesting and sometimes forgotten character that many of us as grandparents raising grandchildren can relate to, “Joseph”.  He was asked to care for a child was not his biological child.  He made the choice to walk up stream and make a choice that would not have been the popular choice of the day.  I am not sure any other men in his village would have made the same choice. 

Joseph also was willing to give up his home for a period and travel to Egypt to protect the child that he was given care of.  After the threat was gone, he returned home with his new family and made a life in the village of Nazareth.  We don’t really have much information about Joseph, but all we really need to know about him, was the choice that he made, the choice to care for the child.

Each of you have made similar choices.  You have made the choice to step and care for a child that is not your biological child, although in most cases, is your biological grandchild.    Just as Joseph’s acceptance of his calling led him on an adventurous journey, so has your acceptance of your calling led you on an adventurous journey.  A journey although full of joy, can also be very challenging and exhausting at times.  Each of you have had to make numerous sacrifices along the way.  As I have written about numerous times, the journey as challenging as it may be, is worth the effort and you are a gift to your grandchildren, as they are to you.

So, as we celebrate the Holidays this week, whichever way you celebrate the Holidays, or not celebrate them, I want to say, on the behalf of your grandchildren, “Thank You!”  Thank you for your courage and commitment to make a difference in the lives of these precious ones. 

You are all “Unsung Heroes”, much like Joseph!

Sharing the Journey,

Rich (Better known as “Pops”)

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