Being a Professional “Grand”

I have worked in the field of Human Services as a “Professional” for over 30 years. You can ask professionals, what does it mean to be a “Professional”, you may get many different answers. I believe the number one part of being a professional means that you “Show Up” every day, regardless of the circumstances we face or how you “feel”. Being a grandparent raising a grandchild is very much about “showing up” everyday regardless of the circumstances we face or how we feel.

Another aspect of being a professional is doing the best you can with the resources that you have available. Once again, as grandparents raising grandchildren means that we continue to do the “best that we can” every day. Some times it feels like that is not enough, but in reality it is enough. These precious little ones in our care are benefitting immensely from our efforts. Of course, we do need to be open to learning how we can do what we do, better and more effectively.

Another aspect of being a professional is learning how to work with others to accomplish our goals. Effective professionals are not “Lone Rangers”. At times it may feel like we are doing this alone, but we are not. There are resources available that can assist us. The need for a team aspect, is one of the reasons that Allene and I have started our support group for grandparents raising grandchildren. When you feel alone, pause, take a breath, and seek support and assistance from the resources that are available.

The bottom line is that you are a “Professional Grand”, making a grand difference in the lives of these precious gifts that are in our care. Keep doing what you are doing and making the difference that you are making!

Sharing the Journey,

Rich (“Pops”)

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I have been involved in the field of Human Services for 30 plus years. I teach in the field of Human Services for Purdue University Global. Allene is a stay at home "Lolli", after spending many years in the Healthcare field. We have 3 adult children and in May, 2018, we adopted our granddaughter, who is 6 years-old. We have had her since she was 5 months old. At the end of 2019, we moved to Mount Airy, North Carolina, as a part of a plan to downsize and give Allene the chance to retire, and be at home full-time. We are devoted to making a difference in Sebellah's life and also in the lives of other grandparents raising grandchildren.

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